How do I get the full Nutrition Breakdown of my Recipe?

Food Label Maker allows you to get the nutrition breakdown of your recipes including all macros, vitamins, and minerals broken down by the contribution of each ingredient. Find out what ingredient is driving your calories, salt, sugar or fat or what ingredient can help you increase your fiber content.

To access your recipe’s Nutrition data simply click on the Nutrition Breakdown tab in the recipe builder page.

Here’s a good case study on how this feature can be used:

The FDA requested food manufacturers and restaurants to cut the salt in their products, with the aim to reduce America’s overall sodium intake by 12%.

With Food Label Maker’s Nutrition breakdown feature, you can find out what ingredient is increasing your salt content with a simple download. We remove the guess-work out of identifying the problem and give you all your product’s nutrition facts (macros, vitamins, and minerals) so you get full visibility on your recipe’s nutrition.

In addition to salt, find out which ingredient is driving your calories, fat, or sugar content up and make changes to help comply with local regulations.

Want to decrease fat, for example? swap the butter with a different ingredient or reduce its quantity.


Want to be able to claim high fiber or high protein? Check which ingredients can help drive those nutrients up and increase their quantities


Need more help on how to use this feature? Take a look at our quick video tutorial below: