How can I create a Menu Label Report?

To Access this Feature: Click on the “Menu Label Report” button located on the left sidebar of the Food Label Maker platform.
Then, click on create a “menu label report” at the top right corner.

Start by setting up your report:

-Name Your Report: Enter a name for your report and include a section title (e.g., Dessert).
-Select Recipes and Specify Quantities: Search for and select the recipes you wish to include in your report by typing their names in the search bar. For each chosen recipe, specify the desired quantity and select the appropriate measurement unit.

Here’s how you can customize your report:

-Click on “Customize Nutrients” to enable or disable specific nutrient fields according to your needs.
-Rearrange Nutrients: Use the “Rearrange Nutrient Order” option to modify the order in which nutrients are displayed on your report.