Easily Create FDA Compliant Food Labels and Nutrition Facts

Save time and money, Create your own label in minutes using our 10k+ ingredient database built by certified nutritionists

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How it Works?

Create Regulatory Compliant Food Labels in Just A Few Clicks

Our easy to use recipe builder helps you quickly search and add ingredients to your recipe

Food Label Maker user interface showing a label design with various customizable fields for product name, serving size, ingredients, and nutrition facts.

Customize Your Label To Fit Your Market Needs

Choose from our different label formats designed in compliance with local regulatory requirements (US, Canada, EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and many others).

A white label with black writing displaying nutrition facts, a smaller label with nutrition facts is to the right of it, an arrow is pointing to a green Customize Label banner, and five boxes are displaying nutritional amounts slightly below it.

Get Automated Allergen Identification and Possible Nutrition Claims

Our smart algorithm scans your recipe and automatically identifies allergens you need to declare and suggests possible food claims that may go with your recipe

An array of round colorful circles depicting different allergens are on a white background with an arrow pointing to an Allergens label at the top, with a zoomed in list of ingredients in a circle to the left of this, and blocks of labels in a group on another white background with an arrow pointing to a heading at the top that says Possible Nutrition Claims.

Use Our Complete Recipe and Menu Management Solution

Create sub-recipes, scale up or down recipes, and duplicate with a single click. Get a detailed nutrition breakdown of your ingredients and generate a comprehensive recipe card

A long green and white label with product information is on the left-hand side, with a pink arrow pointing to a white block with

Why Choose Us?

  • User-Friendly Interface Ensuring A Seamless Experience For Everyone

  • Customizable Label Formats For Different Markets (USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand, EU, and More!)

  • Guaranteed Compliance To The Latest Regulatory Label Standards

  • Exceptional Customer Support

  • Scalable Solution Loaded With Powerful Features
  • Verified Database of Over 10,000+ Ingredients
  • Comprehensive Menu & Recipe Management Solution
  • Cloud-Based Software That Can Be Securely Accessed Anytime, Anywhere
  • Seamless Data Migration & API integrations
  • Competitive Pricing & Cost-Effective Solutions

Trusted by Over 10,000 Businesses Globally

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*Save an average of 500$/recipe on food lab analysis

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Key Features:

  • Verified 10,000+ Ingredient Database

  • Regulatory Compliant Labels for USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia & New Zeeland

  • Automated Allergen Identification

  • Full Nutrition Breakdown

  • Multiple Label Styles & Formats

  • Show/Hide Nutrients, Minerals, & Vitamins

  • Built-In Language Translation (Spanish, French, Arabic & More)

  • Comprehensive Recipe Cards

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

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  • Multi-Seat Subscription

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  • Custom API Integration

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