Easily Calculate Recipe Costs & Boost Your Profitability!

How it Works?


Specify how much you pay for each ingredient you buy


Add any other recipe related costs like packaging, labor, or overheads


Our tool will calculate your Cost per Batch/Package, your projected gross profit, and profit margin

Recipe Costing Software Features

Cost Breakdown

Understand your per batch and per packaging cost and get a full cost breakdown by ingredient. Identifying you recipe’s major cost drivers and get suggestions on maximizing profitability

Selling Price & Margin Calculator

Automatically calculate your selling price based on your desired margin and get a breakdown of your profits

Ingredient Cost History

Get valuable insights on ingredient price fluctuations and make quick recipe adjustments to optimize profitability

Cost Control Panel

Control all your recipe costs from a single location, bulk edit ingredient costs across recipes, or set default margins for all your recipes

Other Software Features

Beyond recipe costing and inventory management, you get features such as nutritional analysis, label generation and menu planning tools.

Benefits of a Recipe Costing Software

Simple and
Easy to use

Our user-friendly interface makes recipe costing a breeze, with no tech skills required!

Accurate and

Our tool calculates amounts precisely, providing you with the confidence to make informed financial decisions.

Do It Yourself

Easily have control of your costs, menus and recipes without approval or help from a person or external software.

Designed for Food Businesses Like Yours

Built with food businesses in mind, our costing software tackles the specific challenges you might face every day.

Automation and

Our tool automates the menial and manual tasks so that you are free to focus on operations and creating the recipes you are passionate about.

Customer Stories


How does the recipe costing tool work?

The tool allows you to input the cost of each ingredient used in your recipes, along with additional expenses like packaging, labor, and other overheads. It then calculates the total cost per batch/package and provides insights into profitability. You also have the option to add a default profit margin, and this will automatically get calculated across your recipes.

What are the benefits of using the recipe costing tool?

By accurately calculating recipe costs, you can make informed pricing decisions, identify cost-saving opportunities, and maximize profitability. It also helps understand the impact of ingredient price fluctuations on your bottom line.

Can I adjust ingredient costs over time?

Yes, the tool allows you to update ingredient costs as they change. Once you adjust the cost, this will reflect automatically in all your recipes. This feature enables you to adapt to fluctuations in ingredient prices and maintain accurate cost calculations.

How does the tool handle non-ingredient costs like labor and overheads?

You can input additional costs such as labor and overheads alongside ingredient costs. The tool incorporates these expenses into the overall cost calculation, providing a comprehensive view of your recipe costs.

Can I set profit margins and calculate selling prices with the tool?

Absolutely! You can input your desired profit margin, and the tool will automatically calculate the selling price needed to achieve that margin. This simplifies the pricing process and ensures profitability.

Is there a feature to track ingredient cost history?

Yes, the tool tracks ingredient price fluctuations over time, providing valuable insights into cost trends. This feature helps you make adjustments to recipes and pricing strategies to optimize profitability.

How can I manage recipe costs efficiently with this tool?

The tool offers a cost control panel where you can manage all your recipe costs from a single location. You can bulk edit ingredient costs across recipes, set default margins, and maintain control over your costs effectively.