Quick Video Tutorials on
How to Use Food Label Maker

How to Add Your Business Name and Address

Adding your business name and address is a requirement in many countries and adding it on Food Label Maker is simple to do.

Editing Your Ingredient and Allergen Statement

As you complete your recipe, you will notice your ingredient list and allergen statement auto-populate based on your ingredients. The order of these ingredients is found in descending order as per regulations. You can edit your ingredients and allergens by clicking on the edit ingredient/allergen list button at the bottom of your label

How to Add a New Ingredient

If you can’t find an ingredient you are looking for in our database and would like to add your own, here’s what you need to do

Nutrition Breakdown Feature

Have you been wondering what is driving your calories, sugar or fat up in your recipe? Check out our nutrition breakdown feature to give you insights on your recipe’s complete macro and nutrient composition

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