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Easily generate compliant ingredient lists for your products with our ingredient label templates.

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Why Our Ingredient List Maker?

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Easy Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of the curve with a platform tailored to meet stringent regulatory standards. Our ingredient list maker is:

  • Aligned with FDA and CFIA guidelines
  • Powered by a robust 10,000+ ingredient database
  • Certified by expert nutritionists, ensuring accuracy and compliance
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User Friendly

Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind. For a quick overview of how it works, watch our video here.

How Should Your Ingredient List Look?

Crafting an FDA-compliant ingredient list on food labels involves:

  • 1Listing Ingredients in Descending Order: Ingredients should be listed based on their weight, starting with the heaviest.
  • 2Using Common Names: Ingredients should be named using their common or usual names.
  • 3Highlighting Allergens: Clearly identify any potential allergens in the list.

With Food Label Maker, this process becomes a breeze. Your ingredient list template is automatically generated based on your recipe and the latest regulations, ensuring your lists are not only compliant but also clear and consumer-friendly.

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Free Ingredient List Template

Navigating the complexities of ingredient listing for food products can be a meticulous task, but our Free Ingredient List Maker is designed to streamline this process. Ideal for businesses and individuals exploring the realm of food labeling, this tool offers a user-friendly platform to create accurate, comprehensive, and compliant ingredient lists.

Explore the Free Ingredient List Maker and take a significant step towards creating professional, compliant, and consumer-friendly ingredient lists for your products.


How do you make an ingredient list for a product?

Creating an ingredient list involves detailing each component of your product in descending order based on weight. It’s also essential to use common names for ingredients and ensure that any potential allergens are clearly identified. Tools like ours can streamline this process, ensuring accuracy and compliance

How do I make my own ingredients label?

Creating an ingredient label involves detailing each component of your product. Start by listing each ingredient list example in descending order based on weight, using common names for clarity. For instance, use “sugar” instead of “sucrose”. If an ingredient has its own sub-ingredients, you must also list them in parentheses. Tools like our ingredient list maker can simplify this process, ensuring accuracy and compliance. This article on our website can also help you understand the requirements in more detail.

Can you put your own label on a package without FDA approval and ingredient list?

No, it’s crucial to ensure that any product meant for consumption has a label that meets FDA guidelines, which includes having an accurate ingredient list. Selling products without compliant labeling can lead to legal repercussions and damage to your brand’s reputation.

What are the formatting requirements for an ingredient list?

The FDA has specific formatting requirements for ingredient lists. Ingredients should be listed in descending order of weight with common names being used for clarity. The font size should ensure that the lowercase letter “o” is at least 1/16th of an inch, and the text should be legible with a clear contrast against its background. The ingredient list should also be placed on the same part of your label as the manufacturing address and can be either before or after the nutrition label. Read our article on Nutrition Facts Label Font Styles and Sizes and The Fundamentals of Food Product Labeling for more information about font styles and placement.

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