What does recipe yield mean? and when should I manually edit it?

Recipe yield refers to the total amount of food or servings that a recipe will produce. In other words, it’s the final quantity of the prepared dish after following all the steps and instructions in the recipe.

Recipe yield is often expressed as a number of servings or as a weight or volume measurement. For example, a recipe for a batch of cookies might yield 500 g or 24 cookies, or a recipe for a pot of soup might yield 16 fl oz or 6 servings.

Sometimes you will need to manually adjust your recipe yield to account for moisture loss due to cooking, drying, freezing…etc.

Manually adjusting the recipe yield will only change the value of the Serving Size on your label, so that you are showing the correct weight of your package to consumers. It will not change the nutrition facts calculation as it only accounts for Moisture loss.