How can I make a protein claim? What features do I need to use on Food Label Maker?

As per FDA regulations a   food can be labelled as:

  •  “High in protein” if it contains at least 20% of the Daily Value (DV) for protein per serving.
  •  “ Good Source of Protein”:” if it contains 10-19% of the DV for protein per serving.

According to the FDA, you must declare the daily value of protein if you are making any protein content related claims (such as. high in protein, contains an XX amount of protein….etc.),  or if your product is intended for children under the age of 4. Otherwise, declaring daily value of protein is voluntary.

Food Label Maker offers a feature that displays the %DV (Percent Daily Value) of protein for specific protein claims. Make sure to adjust the PDCAAS  before making the claim, this score represents a ratio of the complete proteins in an amino acid. The DV calculation must take into account the amount of complete protein rather than the total protein only, therefore the PDCAAS must be calculated.

To access this feature, click on 

  1.  Customise Label
  2.  Go to Show/Hide Nutrients
  3.  Scroll down to the bottom and enable the “Show Protein Daily Value” button. 
  4. Add the PDCAAS value below in the “Edit Protein Quality Score (PDCAAS)” option

This will ensure that the protein %DV appears on the label as desired.

  • For more information about how to make nutrition claims, check out the article here https://foodlabelmaker.com/blog/labeling-regulations/nutrition-claims-legal-guide/