What are sugar alcohols? When do you need to display them on your nutrition facts label?

Sugar alcohols, or polyols, are low-calorie sweeteners used as sugar substitutes in various foods. They occur naturally in some fruits and are often produced from sugars and starches. Examples include xylitol, erythritol, and sorbitol. Sugar alcohols provide sweetness with fewer calories than sucrose and are commonly used in sugar-free products. They have a reduced impact on blood sugar but can cause digestive issues in large quantities.

To display Sugar Alcohols on your label, follow these steps: 

  • Click on “Customise Label”
  • Then select Show/Hide Nutrients. 
  • Enable the sugar alcohol icon button by moving the toggle to your right 

* After turning it on, you can scroll down and specify the name of your sugar alcohol (optional).

As per the FDA, showing sugar alcohol on your label is only required if you are making a claim about Sugar Alcohol, Total Sugar, or Added Sugar on your label. If your recipe contains more than 1 type of sugar alcohol, then the nutrient name on the label should read Sugar Alcohol. However, if your recipe contains only one type of sugar alcohol, then you can change the nutrient name to show the specific sugar alcohol name i.e.. Sorbitol, Lactitol, Erythritol….etc.”

As per the Canadian regulations (CFIA) , if Sugar Alcohols are present in a food, their total content must be declared in the Nutrition Facts table.