Empowering Restaurants, Catering Companies & Foodservice Establishments with:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis
  • Cutting-Edge Recipe Development
  • Strategic Menu Engineering & Cost Optimization

Join thousands of foodservice professionals who use Food Label Maker manage and optimize their recipes

Key Features Overview

Simple Recipe & Sub-recipe Builder

Our user-friendly recipe builder helps teams quickly and efficiently create and manage recipes. Create and save sub-recipes, and easily insert them into your main recipes in 1 click.

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Menu & Recipe Management

Simplify recipe management through our one click recipe scaler, categorization, duplication, and deletion features, facilitating efficient menu organization.

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Real-time Recipe Costing

Quickly and accurately calculate your recipe costs, including ingredients, packaging, and labor costs. Determine your optimal selling price, target profit margins, and gross profit with ease.

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Automated Allergen Reporting

Our integrated allergen scanning feature analyzes your recipe and automatically detects the allergens that must be declared on your menu, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring compliance with food safety requirements.

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Verified 10,000 Ingredient Database

Access our ever growing ingredients database that is continuously reviewed and updated by our nutritionist. Can’t find a specific ingredient? No problem, you can add your own ingredient with ease.

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Comprehensive Recipe Cards

Generate and print comprehensive recipe cards showcasing your ingredients, nutrition facts, allergens, cooking instructions, and a visual representation of the dish.

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Advanced Tools to Help You
Create Scalable Recipes

Precise Nutrition Analysis

Easily analyze nutrition facts for your recipes with our ingredient database, and get access to our various pre-built label templates.

Recipe Yield Cooking Adjustments

Manually adjust your recipe yield to account for moisture loss due to cooking, drying, freezing…etc.

Menu Label Reports

Compare the components of multiple recipes to each other in a single report, making it easier for you to optimize your recipes and different menu offerings.

Detailed Nutrition Breakdown

Get in-depth analysis of your recipe’s nutrients, vitamins, & minerals. Identify which ingredients are driving each nutrient, and make informed decisions on how to optimize your recipe.

Suggested Nutrition & Marketing Claims

Our unique nutrition algorithm scans your recipe and suggests possible Nutrition & Marketing claims you can make based on the latest regulatory requirements in your market.

Customized Solutions for Everyone On Your Team!

General Manager & Owner

  • Manage recipes, menus, and maintain quality and consistency in a single platform.
  • Reduce food costs with our recipe costing tool. Easily input your raw ingredients, suppliers, overheads, and optimize costs as recipes evolve
  • Empower your staff with easy and direct access to recipe information

Executive Chef

  • Store and manage recipes in one place. Include standardized recipes with ingredients, quantities, preparation steps, and photos ensuring consistency in taste and presentation every time.
  • Optimize Recipe Costs: Input your ingredients’ costs per batch and per package, insert additional expenses such as package, labor, and overhead costs, and set default margins for your recipes.
  • Save time: Automate the calculation of food costs, nutritional analysis, and allergen identification, allowing you to spend more time on menu development and team management.

Operations Manager

  • Ensure consistency in recipes across locations, control costs, and optimize menu offerings for profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Quickly onboard new kitchen staff with detailed recipes and production plans


  • Review and enhance nutritional profiles with reformulation suggestions.
  • Access comprehensive nutrition breakdowns and optimization suggestions
  • Get suggestions on potential nutrition and dietary claims that may go with your recipe

Scalable, Reliable,
with World-Class Support!

  • Custom API Integration
  • Tailor Built Features & Reports
  • Hassle-Free Data Migration
  • Multi-seat Subscriptions
  • Dedicated Nutritionists & Regulatory Experts
  • Private On-Boarding, Training, & Setup
  • Comprehensive Online Help Center & Video Tutorials

Unwavering Commitment to Security

Our platform ensures the utmost security of your data with advanced encryption and secure access protocols, safeguarding your information at every step

Dedicated to Helping You Manage your Kitchen with Ease

We help you move on from spreadsheets and manual processes and consolidate all your recipe management, recipe costing, and nutrition analysis into one comprehensive platform.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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    Your Questions Answered

    What is Food Label Maker?

    Food Label Maker is a comprehensive platform designed to empower restaurants, catering companies, and foodservice establishments with tools for accurate nutrition analysis, recipe development, menu engineering, and cost optimization.


    How does Food Label Maker help with recipe costing and menu optimization?

    The platform offers real-time recipe costing, allowing users to input ingredient costs, overheads, and additional expenses. Users can compare the components of multiple recipes, optimize costs, and make informed menu engineering decisions.

    What are the key features of Food Label Maker?
    • Simple Recipe Builder with the ability to save sub-recipes easily and include them in any of your main recipes
    • Menu & Recipe Management including single click duplication, scaling, and editing
    • Real-time Recipe Costing
    • Automated Allergen Reporting
    • Verified 10,000 Ingredient Database as well as the ability to add your own custom ingredients
    • Comprehensive Recipe Cards including the recipe’s directions, nutrition facts, allergens and photo of the dish
    How does Food Label Maker simplify kitchen management?

    Food Label Maker helps users move away from manual processes by consolidating recipe management, costing, and nutrition analysis into one comprehensive platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets.

    Do you offer a free trial? Can you open a trial for multiple users at the same time?

    Absolutely! We offer a free trial for you to explore all Food Label Maker’s features as well as a demo session with one of our dedicated nutrition experts. We can offer this to several members of your team; all you need to do is sign up by creating an account and share with us the email addresses associated with it so we can open multiple seats for your account.