How to do I show or hide specific Nutrients on my label?

Within the customize label section of Food Label Maker, you have the flexibility to show or hide certain nutrients on your label by simply turning On or Off the toggle of each nutrient.  Once you turn On the toggle of a nutrient, it appears on your label. And if you turn it Off, the nutrient disappears.

Here’s an interesting example of how our users customize their labels to fit their marketing needs with Food Label Maker.

One of our cold-pressed juice manufacturers in California wanted to position their juices as functional beverages by showcasing specific nutritional benefits.

They needed to highlight the quantity of Vitamin C on their label to support an immune-boosting claim for one of their shakes.   

By using the Show/Hide Nutrient feature, they were able to showcase that their product contain up to 111% of the Daily Value requirement of Vitamin C on their label. Show_hide_nutrients.png